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TACIMA CS947 Mains Conditioning 6 way block with RFI Filter and Surge Protection 2m Lead

by Tacima SALE
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The Tacima CS947 is a new mains conditioner from Tacima and is the replacement for the award winning CS929 model.

The CS 947 is a 6-Way Mains Conditioner with Advanced Surge Protection and is one of the most robust extension cables on the market. The essential aid for all types of TV, Hi-Fi and Home Cinema featuring six layers of technology.


Mains Conditioners aid in the reduction of mains borne radio frequency interference and so helps to enhance your sound and picture quality also absorbing mains surges and spikes in the process which otherwise can cause permanent damage to valuable equipment.

Surge Protection – three channel protection – absorbing mains surges and spikes which can cause permanent damage to equipment.

Gas Tube Protection Gas discharge tube technology is used to satisfy the latest safety requirements for Surge protectors.

Thermal Protection internal thermal fusing prevents the circuit from dangerous overheating in the event of a worse case Surge Spike scenario.

Screened Main Lead Prevents the mains lead from acting as an Aerial and so injecting interference into your system.

Filter Status Test Mains Conditioners do not have any indicating lights on during normal use as this can effect the performance so this equipment has a test button for peace of mind. Pressing the green button briefly on the CS947 should illuminate a green status light to indicate the mains conditioner filter is operational.


A Clear cut out section reveals the quality of the design and build.

Dimensions: L 440mm x W 70mm x D 30mm.

Cable length: 2m

Colour Black


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