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Real Cable Moniteur Flexible and slim Subwoofer Audio Cable white

by Real Cable
Price £14.95

subwoofer cable from real cable moniteur


This real cable subwoofer cable provides a slim and elegant solution for your hifi or home cinema system. 

This white subwoofer cable is slim, thin and flexible providing easy routing whilst maintaining superb high quality sound. 

24K gold plated rca phono plugs ensure a solid high quality connection for your subwoofer. that will bring out the best bass performace.

real cable moniteur white sub lead

  • Thin, slim and flexible construction.
  • 24K gold rca/phono plugs.
  • Flexible design for easy cable routing and minimal strain on equipment.
  • Superb sound.
  • Screened and shielded.
  • Ideal for your hifi, home cinema system or car audio system.


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