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Techlink 75ohm digital coaxial interconnect cable

by Techlink
Price £19.95
The Techlink 680131 (1m), 680133 (3m), 680135 (5m) and 680139 (10m)  coaxial digital interconnecting cables are ideal for home cinema and audiophile applications.
The Techlink 68 range of cables are heavy duty 75ohm universal audio/video connecting leads with enhanced outer insulation.
Ideal for use with the S/PDIF interface usually found on digital audio equipment it allows the transfer of audio without the conversion to and from an analogue format, which could degrade the signal quality
This digital coax cable features:
  • High-end performance at an unbelievable price.
  • Double shielded non-migratory Oxygen Free Copper conductors throughout.
  • Individual Al-Mylar Aluminium foil shielded signal cables for improved picture and sound-to-cable signal migration.
  • Flexible PVC outer jacket to bend and fit into the tightest of spaces. 
  • What Plasma and LCD TV Annual Awards, 2006-2007: Best Cable Brand of the Year 2007

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