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Techlink wires XS 75 ohm component / RGB video cable

by Techlink
Price £39.95

The Techlink Wires XS  component video cables are colour coded and features non-migratory 75ohm component video cable optimized for DVD applications to restrict signal loss that can cause inaccurate transmission of component video signals.

What Hi-Fi said of the WiresXS XS141 component video cable, "Not only does this cable feel pleasingly solid in your hand, it also looks pretty swanky. . . for a cable. In use, the lack of image noise is amazing, while blacks are superbly defined. Detail is great, too. A high-value buy!"

The Techlink Wires XS141 is for the the video or home theatre enthusiast wanting excellent performance when attaching a DVD player to a Television, Plasma screen or A/V receiver with Component Video inputs
This RGB / Component wired and colour coded lead features non-migratory 75ohm cable optimized for DVD applications to restrict signal loss that can cause inaccurate transmission of video signals

The WiresXS141 3 x RCA/Phono to 3 x RCA/Phono component video lead mixes precious metal construction, high-tech insulation and precision engineering to deliver outstanding component picture performance at a remarkably affordable price.

The chrome plated metal plugs are clearly marked with red, green and blue identification bands and the component connectors are gold plated to reduce corrosion resistance.

Spring grip outer connectors and split pin centres on each plug ensure a tight, positive contact with both source and component display equipment.

Designed to satisfy the most demanding home cinema enthusiast, the WiresXS component video lead offers genuine high-end picture performance at an affordable price.

This cable is available in 3 lengths - XS141 700141 (1m), XS143 700143 (3m) and XS145 700145 (5m).


  • Silver plated, 99.9% pure single crystal.
  • Oxygen Free Copper conductors that reduce electrical resistance.
  • Individually shielded signal cables for improved picture/sound performance.
  • Corrosion-proof gold plated connectors for long lasting high-quality connection.
  • Superior FPE (foam polyethylene) insulation eliminates cable-to-cable signal migration.
  • Silver-plated foil shield with transparent PVC outer jacket on each cable.
  • Chrome plated, hand assembled metal plugs.
  • What Plasma and LCD TV Annual Awards, 2006-2007: Best Cable Brand of the Year 2007


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