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Kit Premium Power Bank Mobile Phone Charger 2,000mAh PWRP2BKNK

by Kit
Price £19.95

The Power Bank charges your smartphone wherever you are... even when you don't have access to electricity. Perfect for keeping with you at all times. This Smartphone charging power bank is great for taking with you on short breaks, camping trips, keep it in the car or caravan. This powerbank will provide up to 1x full charge.

Charging the power bank

1.Connect one end of the charging cable to the Power Bank at the Input port and the other end in a suitable USB mains charger, in-car charger,PC or Mac.
2.The LED will be red when charging
3.Remove the charging cable when finished

Using the Power Bank

1.Connect the USB cable to the Output port
2.Connect a suitable micro USB, mini USB or Apple 30-pin connector to the cable depending on which device you wish to charge.
3,Power Bank will start charging automatically.
4.Remove the cable from the device when finished


-Capacity:2000 mAh
-Output: 500 mA
-Input/Output voltage: 5V
-Battery type:rechargeable Li-ion
-Charging time:up to 5 hours
-Standby time: up to 60 days


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