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Kit USB Eco 3 Pin Uk Mains Charger 2.1A. USBMC2K

by Kit
Price £12.95

Introducing the Kit 2.1 Amp Eco USB Mains Charger

The Kit 2.1 Amp Eco USB Mains Charger is compact, lightweight and has a 5 star energy efficiency rating. Compatible with any charging/data standard USB lead, it can help you save money as well the environment.

All-round Compatibility

The Kit 2.1 Amp Eco USB Mains Charger can be used with any standard USB cable, and will charge all makes of smartphone and tablets including: iPhone 4/4S/5, iPad 1/2/3, Galaxy S III and any other device that uses a USB charging cable like: MP3 players, cameras and SAT NAVs.

So, what does 5 star energy efficiency mean?

When a phone or mobile device is left connected to a charger, energy is wasted. Known as no-load power, it is thought that this energy is a considerable contribution to a country's household energy demands. As a result mobile phone manufacturers have become increasingly focused on reducing the no-load consumption of their power chargers. In November 2008, the world's five largest mobile phone makers announced their own five star energy rating system to help consumers more easily identify the most energy-efficient chargers. Chargers labelled with the highest award of five stars mean they are the most energy efficient with a consumption of not more than 0.03 W.

In simple terms, a 5 star charger wastes less energy than your existing charger.

The charger has also been awarded the Energy Star certification. Meaning it meets strict guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy

Stylish But Still Ergonomic

The design of the charger is elegant and more pleasing to the eye. Often overlooked with chargers, aesthetics played a big part in the design. But the curves also help with ergonomics. Contoured casing means an easier grip, which makes unplugging much simpler. It couldn't be easier to use, just connect the relevant USB charging cable for your device into the USB socket. Connect the other end to your device and plug into a UK mains socket.

It is also compact and lightweight, minimising space and making it ultra-portable. Allowing you take environmentally friendly charging with you.

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