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Energy Saving 6 Gang Auto Power Master / Slave Surge Protection Strip 1.5m. 141-4850

by HCL
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The Master socket when it has detected a drop in power drain automatically switches off the power to the 5 other slave sockets. A great way to turn off printers and monitors when you turn your main computer off. Extra convenience when all the electrical devices are in different places, eg. TV, Monitors, DVD, Game stations etc, saving energy and money.

Ideal for use in the classroom, office or home.


  • 1 master socket to control 5 slave sockets.
  • Protect appliances from damage caused by power surge and thunder.
  • A rotary knob to adjuct the master sockets minimum electricity capacity.
  • 2 varistor, 2 thermal fuses & 1 gas discharge tube.
  • Green indicator to show protection status, Blue indicator to show power status.
  • 6 child protected shuttered sockets.
  • Cable: H05VV-F 3G1.5mm2, 1.5m lead.
  • Fitted with a 13amp UK mains plug. 13A 240V~3120W. Surge & Spike Protection. Class 3, Uoc:P-N2.5KV, P/N-E5.0KV,UP:P-N2.0KV,P/N-E2.5KV.
  • Max.spike current:4500A for pulse form 8/20us (AC line).
  • Max.Surge voltage: AC Line 6000V.
  • Clamping response time:<1ns.
  • Children protector.
  • Fixing holes and hanger to hang the product cable.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Attractive Blister retail packaging.
  • Rohs & CE conformity.

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