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Tacima CS923 6 Way Enhanced Audio Visual Surge Protector Mains Block.

by Tacima
Price £23.95

Tacima CS923 6 Way Enhanced Audio Visual Surge Protector Mains Block.

Ideal for the following HD TV, LCD/Plasma, Home Cinema, Hi Fi-CD-DVD, Game Console Multi-Media. Designed with Audio Visual equipment in mind, Ultra Dam is a combined mains surge protection and interference rejection system that is designed to protect delicate circuits from sudden spikes while helping to keep your sounds and images free from unwanted signals coming through the mains supply. Maximum Surge = 4500 Amps. (Can also be used on Computers). Green light indicates your equipment is protected.


Ideal for computers, audio visual, home cinema, multi-media and peripheral accessories.
You can switch individual sockets on or off from the surge protector.
Ultrea-Dam 2.0 - protects delicate circuits from sudden surge and spikes in the mains supply.
Max surge - 4500Amps.
Surge status light - the green light on indicates your equipment is protected.



Include: 2 metre mains lead. CE Approved.
Three way protection: LN, LE, NE.
Voltage: 240vAC.
Current: 13 amp Max.
Protection: 430V at 1 mA.
Response Time: <25 nS.
Max Surge: 4500A.
Surge Status indicator: Green Light = OK.
Delta Network; X1 = 0.1 mfd, Y2 = 2 x 5000 pF

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