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70 watt Universal Notebook or laptop PSU power supply AC/DC.

by HCL
Price £29.95

The laptop universal charger delivers 70 Watt and includes 12 interchangeable tips to fit almost any laptop brand. Tips included for Dell and HP models that are clearly marked with a label. The voltage set by the tip is also shown on an LED display.

This charger also has 2 usb charging ports.

There are also 2 USB charging ports that can deliver a maximum of 2 amps in total. If one port only is used the full current of 2 amps is available. If both ports are used the combined output should not exceed 2 amps. Features voltage peak and short circuit protectors.



  • Input: 100-240V~ 50-60Hz
  • Output: DC12V-20V ~ 70W.
  • USB Port: 5V @ 2A.
  • Connector Details: TYPE: / OUTPUT: / CONNECTOE SIZE: / BRAND: 15.0V/E1 / 15.0V/ 4.6A / 6.3x3.0mm / TOSHIBA. 16.0V/E2 / 16.0V/ 4.3A / 5.5x2.5mm / IBM, LENOVO. 16.0V/E3 / 16.0V/ 4.3A / 6.5x4.5mm / SONY ,FUJITSU. 18.5V/E4 / 18.5V/ 3.7A / 4.8x1.7mm / COMPAQ, HP. 19.0V/E5 / 19.0V/ 3.6A / 5.5x2.5mm / ACER, COMPAQ , DELTA, HP, FUJITSU, GATEWAY, TOSHIBA, LITEON. 19.0V/E6 / 19.0V/ 3.6A / 5.5x3.0mm / SAMSUNG. 19.0V/E7 / 19.0V/ 6A / 5.5x2.1mm / ACER, COMPAQ, DELTA, HP, FUJITSU, GATEWAY, TOSHIBA, LITEON. 19.5V/E8 / 19.5V/ 5A / 6.5x4.5mm / SONY. 19.5V/E9 / 19.5V/ 3.5A / 7.4x5.0mm / DELL (F9 ONLY SUITABLE FOR USE WITH DELL MODELS).18.5V/E12 / 18.5V/ 3.7A / 7.4x5.0mm / HP,COMPAQ, (F12 ONLY SUITABLE FOR USE WITH HP MODELS). 19.0V/E13 / 19.0V / 3.6A / 5.5x1.7mm / ACER, COMPAQ, DELTA, HP, FUJITSU, GATEWAY, TOSHIBA, LITEON. 12.0V/ E14 / 12.0V/5.4A / 4.8x1.7mm / ASUS EEEPC 1000H, 904, SURF. FC CE RoHS compliant.

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