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B-tech phono and microphone pre-amplifier BT26

by B-Tech
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The B-tech BT26 phono and microphone pre-amp lets you feed standard magnetic cartridges or CD players etc into a turntable or Aux input. Also feed dynamic or condenser mics into amplifiers with no mic input. A/C power supply included.

The Btech BT26 is a low noise high gain pre-amplifier for use with turntables magnetic cartridges, or Dynamic/Condenser microphones. Used on any amplifier without a "Phono" input. IC technology, for high gain with low noise.
  • CE certified. Suitable for a stereo microphone, or 2 mono microphones.
  • Use with any amplifier not equipped with a turntable input .
  • Power supply included.
  • Karaoke on any amplifier when used with mixer.
  • Strong stylish steel case
  • Input Impedance 50K ohm@1kHz.
  • Input Level 0.5mV Mic. mode / 3mV Phono mode.
  • Gain 50db Mic. mode / 34 dB Phono mode.
  • Signal / Noise Ratio >48db Mic. mode / > 55db Phono mode.
  • Frequency response (Mic). +1 dB to - 3db 70Hz - 20KHz.
  • Equalisation (Phono) RIAA +1 dB to -3 dB 30Hz - 20kHz.
  • Output level 150mV RMS.
  • Load Impedance >10K ohms. Overload Margin 23 dB.
  • Crosstalk 55 dB.
  • Supply Voltage 12-15v DC 100ma.
  • 1.3mm DC socket

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