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B-Tech premium 4 way speaker switchbox with headphone socket BT913

by B-Tech
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The B-Tech BT913 speaker switchbox controls up to 4 pairs of loudspeakers connected to one stereo amp. Also has a headphone socket for monitoring. 4mm gold plated sockets accept banana plugs or bare ended speaker cables.

The BT913 employs a special Parallel and Series switching circuit to protect the amplifier. Regardless of which loudspeakers are switched on, the amplifier load will not fall to less than half that of the loudspeakers in use. i.e. If using 8 ohm loudspeakers the minimum load will be 4 ohms. Nearly all amplifiers will accept a load of 4 ohms.


  • Designed to allow the use of 4 pairs of loudspeakers with 1 amplifier
  • Play any combination of up to 4 speaker pairs at the same time
  • For loudspeakers from 8 to 16 ohms
  • 200 Watts RMS per channel
  • Headphone socket with amplifier protection
  • Silver plated switch contacts
  • Gold plated screw terminals for speaker wire up to 6mm²
    allow for strong connections and minimum loss
  • Also suitable for 4mm Banana Plugs
  • Strong, stylish, slimline metal casing


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