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BassBoomz Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker for Smartphones MP3 Players Tablets Red

by BassBuds
Price £44.95

BassBoomz have been designed with maximum compatibility. They can be used with all Bluetooth® enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets as well as non-Bluetooth® devices like MP3 players via AUX input (cable included). The wide level of compatibility makes BassBoomz attractive to all customers. Once connected, BassBoomz provide listeners with an explosive sound experience.

Simply twist to release the Bass Expansion System, which gives deep, rich bass tones and crisp trebles. With its durable, solid aluminium construction, vibration dampening and high grip base there is minimum interference when used on hard surfaces. Users listening to music, audio-books or movies won’t find this high quality sound from any competitor within this price range.

Portable and pocket-sized, BassBoomz create an impressive volume-to-size digital amplifier and are designed with a Li-ion rechargeable battery that lasts 5-6 hours at 70%, so they can be used while on the go. BassBoomz are perfect for every season - they can be taken on holiday, used at a picnic in the park with friends, or simply around the house.

This device measures approximately 7 cm high when open and 5 cm when closed. It measures approx 5.5 cm in diameter. 


Perfect for your iPhone!

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