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KitSound iPod Clock Radio Dock

by KitSound
Price £49.95

Introducing the KitSound™ Clock Dock

Combining great sound quality with stylish design, the KS Clock Dock will make the most of your music as well as looking good on your bedside table.

Use and Ornament

The perfect way to get you started in the morning, the Clock Dock's alarm function lets you choose between being awoken by music stored on your iPod or iPhone, by FM radio or by buzzer. Its functionality is further enhanced by the fact that it charges your device ready for the day ahead, and its super-shiny mirrored front proves that image is just as important as practicality.

Other Features

As well as featuring a sleep and snooze button, the blue LCD clock display with backlighting means you'll always be able to read the time, with the added bonus of a dimmer option if you need a darker sleeping environment.

  • Compact size to fit perfectly on your bedside table
  • FM radio
  • Blue LCD clock display with backlight
  • Alarm clock function with iPod music / buzzer
  • Charges iPod

This item is available in a range of colours:

Bad Boy Black ( CLOCKDBL ), Punk Pink (CLOCKDPI ), Purple (CLOCKDPU ) and White (CLOCKDWH ).

*iPod not included!


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