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Techlink wires XS fibre optical digital audio cable

by Techlink
Price £19.95
This Techlink Wires xs product is a top of the range toslink to toslink digital optical cable interconnect offering superb sound quality from outstanding engineering. This digital optical cable is assembled and finished by hand to ensure optimum performance in your system. A truly outstanding digital optical cable interconnect.
Techlink Wires Xs digital optical cables feature in a range of high quality audio and video interconnects. The optical cable design incorporates the very best of modern materials and manufacturing techniques with hand assembly and finishing. The digital optical cable range has been developed to satisfy the most demanding home cinema and audiophile enthusiast and is uncompromising in terms of it's design and construction.
Digital lead with standardised Toslink connectors and high purity optical cables using the finest technology available to ensure low jitter and the least signal loss.
A carefully engineered synthetic fibre and cladding ensure optimum light transmission and the highest quality sound
This lead is for the digital transmission of the signal between amplifiers, DVD player/recorders, etc.
  • Low jitter and the least amount of signal loss.
  • Synthetic fibre and extremely effective cladding ensure optimum light transmission and the highest quality sound from this digital optical cable.
  • A truly outstanding optical cable.
  • Chrome plated, hand assembled metal plugs.
  • What Plasma and LCD TV Annual Awards, 2006-2007: Best Cable Brand of the Year 2007.
  • Silver-plated foil shield with transparent PVC outer jacket on each cable.
  • Corrosion-proof gold plated connectors for long lasting high-quality connection

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