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New Real Cable Nanotech Micro Subwoofer Cables omly 2.25mm Diameter!

We now have in stock a new product from cable specialists Real Cable.

Well known for their innovated and high quality audio visual cables they have released another amazing range.

The Nanotech subwoofer cables measure only 2.25mm in diameter but still delivering high quality lossless deep bass to your hifi or home cinema subwoofer. It can ve viewed here.

A purpose built dedicated subwoofer lead engineered to provide dynamic, natural and interference free bass signals between your home cinema amplifer or receiver and your active sub bass unit.


The heavy duty 24K gold plated plugs are hand soldered using silver solder to the oxygen free copper ( OFC ) to ensure a solid connection. Double shielding provides superb sound quality without loss.

Available as the 3m NANO-SUB/3M00 and the 5m NANO-SUB/5M00.

Easy to route around corners or in your AV equipment cabinet.

  • 99.99% oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors
  • Strong section cable
  • Double shielding
  • Metallic plugs
  • 24K gold contacts
  • Hand soldered using silver silder
  • 1 male RCA plug / 1 male RCA plug
  • Rich and defined bass.
  • Only 2.25mm diameter


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